Post Mould Decoration

The decoration of plastics has long relied upon conventional spray painting processes. As paint systems have become more specialised, and the decorative finishes more demanding, having the right production capable paint lines is now a major factor in controlling quality and cost.

Our investments in the latest paint line technology offer our clients one of the most reliable and cost-efficient sources of painted plastics.

We have flexible solutions, designed for the decoration of most plastic components, for some with challenging geometry, our 6 axis units can deliver consistent coverage of paint thickness across the surface and side.

Our in-house post-decoration processes include:

  • Pad Printing 
  • Painting  
  • Laser Etching  

McGavigan uses a range of laser etching technologies allowing precise marking of graphics and back illumination of painted surfaces on components and assemblies. These highly repeatable marking processes can be adapted for different paint hardness and thickness are often complemented by pad printed colours beneath the paint layer.

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