Decorative Moulding

The McGavigan Film Insert Moulding (FIM) Process

The range of injection and decoration technologies has grown rapidly in response to client product needs, broadening our know-how and capability within the industrial supply chain.

We offer extensive knowledge and advice on the use of various polymers. Each facility employs manual and robotic handling and is enhanced by on-site tooling maintenance and support teams.

In Mould Decoration

Film Insert Moulding (FIM)

Film Insert Moulding (FIM) is an advanced form of In-Mould Decoration (IMD) which expands the possibility of shape and design. The process involves a plastic film (usually decorated through printing) being formed into shape, placed into a mould and then back injected with the polymer. The simultaneous design and moulding of the part eliminate the need for post-processes such as coating and painting which ultimately offers good savings when it comes to manufacturing costs, time and machine investment. 

As a technology FIM also offers good styling opportunities by providing highly durable decorated surfaces, the ability to incorporate back illumination and light balancing and with the growing trend for capacitive touch sensors can also provide the platform to integrate the entire decoration, functional and illumination features into a single component. 

Applications, where McGavigan applies this technology, include interior panel & door trim, gear shift inserts, mechanical control panel assemblies & capacitive touch screen panels.


In Mould Labeling (IML)

Similar to FIM, In Mould Labelling (IML) is a process of decorating or “labelling” formed components during the injection moulding process. These “labels” are made up of plastic films which are printed and cut to the specified size. Placed into the mould, adjacent to a plastic component, the polymer is injected melting the label slightly and encapsulating it within the plastic component. Again, similar to FIM, the process of IML offers cost reductions with the elimination of the need for adhesive materials.

Film Insert Electronics (FIE)

The emergence of capacitance activation and growing means of incorporating user functionality into solid surfaces has driven our industry to find smart ways to embed surface functionality into otherwise passive surfaces. McGavigan has been actively developing know-how and capability in this field for more than 15 years of exploring efficient methods of incorporating sensor and antenna capabilities into the decorative foil. Investment in metallic coating and plating, research into optimum bonding methods, and investment into new forming and moulding processes have been an important element in McGavigan’s technology roadmap.


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