Surface Resistance & Optical Characterisation

  • Development of three surface abrasion resistance >3H > 4H (without lacquer)
  • The process developed Anti-Glare / Anti-Reflection surface finishes
  • Development of Anti-Fingerprint surface coating
  • Development of low sheer compression moulding for low optical distortion, including insert moulding.  

Integration of Surface Functionality

  • Incorporation of capacitance circuitry within 3 dimensional decorative film structure (Cu)
  • Integration of directional illumination (OLED / MLED)
  • Fine track printing (< 10 micron track width) for optical surfaces (Silver)
  • Tactile sensory feed-back – under development
  • Incorporation of component mounting onto flexible Cu printed circuits

Industrial Process Development

  • Automated / semi-automated module assembly (incl EOL test)
  • Large surface thermo / thermo-mechanical forming and molding (> 1,000T)
  • Surface bonding [LOCA] (class 1,000) of capacitive sensors onto polymer lens (2.5D)
  • In-moulding of glass (2D) surfaces


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