Large Surfaces

Vehicle interiors are changing from highly populated multi-control surfaces, built up from separate modules into larger combined multi-functional modules.

The method of interaction is also changing (known as HMI or Human Machine Interface). Where traditional switches, buttons and rotary controls were commonplace, they are now being replaced with capacitive, proximity activated sensors built into larger single surfaces.

Many future designs call for a shift in methods and specifications of decoration and illumination, with a growth in the integration of lighting sources and, as these surfaces are often functional the surface resistance to chemical and surface abrasion resistance has increased. Conventional processing technologies are often unable to meet these challenges without significant process-related cost consequences.

This has led designers to move towards decorative moulding processes such as Film Insert Moulding (FIM) and In-Mould Decoration (IMD), where hard coated films are printed, thermo-formed and moulded to create a large single finished structure.

With this increasing demand for large formed surfaces McGavigan, have invested in the next stage and now boast a forming line with a 680mm x 450mm bed size. This coupled with over 10 years of decorative technology experience means that we can offer our clients high-quality, large film decorated components.

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