Our Quality Culture & Product Development

Our Quality Culture

McGavigan has a long and distinguished history of supplying screen printed graphics panels and decorative moldings, many of these to the automotive industry.  In support of this, our Quality Management Systems have always evolved to ensure our processes and procedures reflect the most current and prevailing quality philosophies. 

We firmly believe that our success - past, current and future - is the result of our empowered teams searching out and eliminating all forms of waste in our organisation. This culture is reflected in our 'Quality Policy' and our lean methodologies.

McGavigan Improvement Teams

Our culture of teamwork, open communication and simple performance measurement is a key part of our operation business strategy, but most important of all, it's actually a central part of who we are as a Company.

Across each of our sites, we operate continuous improvement teams who are trained and empowered to identify opportunities for improvements and to implement and measure change achieved. We have had tremendous results in improving material flows, reducing energy usage, material waste, and it has also helped to improve the overall working environment for our entire team.

Product Development

Our structured team approach to 'Advanced Product Quality Planning' ensures the most efficient and effective approach to developing and introducing new products and processes. We listen intently to the voices of our customers and our dedicated Engineering teams help transform these concepts into reality.

McGavigan has a long and proud history of developing and launching cutting-edge products that have moved the whole industry forward, and that culture and our quest for engineering excellence still burn brightly today.


We take our impact on the environment extremely seriously. Consequently, we have developed processes and procedures to ensure that we minimise this impact and mitigate potential risks.

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