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Technical injection moulding and decorative plastics

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    Product Design

    Our commitment to innovation can be seen in our outstanding ability to translate the very best ideas into durable, reliable products.

    The last decade has been filled with innovation and development as our development achievements illustrate.

    1999 - high pressure forming process and ink systems with Bayer in Europe (based technology for formed appliqués and IMD products.

    2000 -  Secret-til-lit technology (basis for black panel technology).

    2002 -  integrated button hinge introduced on new Ford Fiesta.

    2003 - first integrated silver ring appliqué.

    2005 - integrated turn signal technology .

    2006 - "deep draw" forming capabilities in response to market trends.

    2009 - new thermo-mechanical forming technology for multi-cavity processing.

    2011 - early stage capacitive surface switch prototype.

    2012 and beyond - integration of electronic surfaces within the polymer substrate.