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Technical injection moulding and decorative plastics

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    What We Do

    We will convert your design into a well-engineered, high quality product at the right cost.

    • Listen


      We will spend time understanding your product requirements, your timing needs, and cost objectives

    • Plan


      We will plan in detail how best to produce your product, using proven defined engineering planning disciplines

    • Measurement


      Every step of the process is controlled to make sure the required standards are met consistently within the production process

    • Industrial


      Planning and control ensure consistently high standards of production throughout the lifetime of your product.

    • Ford


      Consistently high standards of quality and service are the reasons why our clients do business with us, and we have not lost a client....that's the McGavigan way.....


    Working from your product design we will develop with you the best production processes needed to make sure your expectations are met.

    We will be open, honest, and accurate in our advice, and will use our expertise and experience to select the most appropriate production techniques, and we will implement them with efficiency and precision.

    Together we......deliver

    We like to agree objectives early on, and then focus on delivering these through a systematic process of product introduction (APQP), making sure every aspect of the project is managed in a simple and efficient manner.