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Technical injection moulding and decorative plastics

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    Our past and your future

    Together we create...history

    Whether your product design seeks differentiation or greater cost efficiency, we combine technical capability with the ethos of listening, to ensure your engineered plastic components meet your needs and that of the market you wish to serve.

    • Honda Pilot

      Dial and applique manufacture

      From the early days of printed metal dial plates, to pioneering the manufacture of complex 3D back illumination appliques, we have helped deliver value for our clients

    • Technical Moulding

      Technical moulding facilities

      Our operations are equipped with modern injection moulding shops that support clients across the full range of technical moulding.

    • IMD Process

      Decorative plastics processes

      With the latest in-house decorative technologies we can offer our clients consistently highest quality and production efficiency

    • Fiat

      In-mould decoration

      From our early development of IML technology along side Bayer in the early 1980's, we remain at the forefront of this growing decorative technology through our development teams in Europe and Asia

    • Printed copper 1

      Value through innovation

      We have developed simply economic solutions for our clients through our capacitance technology and its integration of functions into decorative surfaces.


    Our in-house global manufacturing capabilities support the automotive, consumer electronic, medical and domestic appliance markets, and our offer includes plastic injection moulding, painting, laser etching, tampo printing, screen print decoration, foil development, thermoforming, In Mould Labelling (IML) and engineered assemblies.

    This expertise is strengthened further by our comprehensive and long standing network of qualified sub-suppliers and partners.

    But we are more than just a global technical plastics business, we are a team who take pride in our work, the success of our clients, and the results we achieve together. That is the 'McGavigan Way', and one we enjoy being part of.



    A history of bringing innovation to our clients

    Horn switch

    From our origins in 1861 through to today we have recognised how important innovaton is, to us, our clients and their customers. Our past inventions have given us the foothold to build knowledge yet further. So when we developed the airbag hornswitch in the 1990s', this know-how has helped us develop the new integrated electronic surface technology products we see today in many applications.