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Technical injection moulding and decorative plastics

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    Delivering value through service and support globally

    Providing technical plastic components and assemblies to the automotive, industrial, medical and consumer products sectors

    • Products

      "At McGavigan we produce a broad range of technical and decorative plastics for our clients around the world."

      Steve Mathers

      BMW RD MID
    • Standards

      "Our operations run only to the highest standards of quality, efficiency and service, because that is how we are able to exceed our clients expectations."

      David Taylor
      Managing Director

    • Innovation

      "Developing new cost effective processes and capabiities enables us to help keep our clients ahead in their markets."

      Alan McPherson
      Engineering Manager Asia

    • Teamwork

      "Excellence in manufacturing is achieved through combining good process management with great people. Teamwork is how great results are delivered."

      Lifeng Wang
      General Manager (Suzhou)

      Team work
    • Global Support

      We support our customers locally through our regional operations and strategically located manufacturing and development facilities

      Global vision
    • Loading tool into Engel

      What we do

      We produce a range of technical moulded and decorated plastics, ranging from single shot, twin and multi shot injection, printed, painted and in mould decorated components and assemblies.


    • Design for Manufacture

      Design for manufacture

      Our technical teams offer accurate, honest advise on the best way to make your product, and take the design through to the finished product.

    • Scotland global

      Global support

      Our global manufacturing operations offer our clients support around the world including Europe and Asia

    • Innovation


      We help keep our clients ahead, bringing new, cost efficient technologies and processes into their supply chain